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Summer Fun in the Sun

I always love summer. It means our family will go swimming. It can be in the pool of Marco Hotel, Pryce Plaza Hotel, or at the beach.


Last summer, we spent one day just having fun in the sun. At 5:00am my Mommy Heidi, Daddy Mike, sister Angela and I went to Lauremar Beach Resort. It was still early but Dad like driving because the streets were empty!


When we arrived in Lauremar, we had a great time together. We did lots of fun things like swimming in the waves, finding shells, building sand castles and sometimes screaming.


We ordered for breakfast. We were so hungry! I think when you have fun in the beach your appetite is so good.


After eating, we swam again. Dad swam the best of all. We had lots of fun in the beach. We searched for shells of different sizes and colors. Gela and I made sand writings and more sand castles.


I even half buried my sister in the sand and then she did that to me also. The sand felt ticklish all over my body! Then we went swimming again to clean ourselves because Dad took some shots of Mom, Gela and me. We pretended we were fashion models for the swimming clothes. And it was so funny because we were all wearing stripes! Dad also used the video when we were making sand castles.


I really like the beach. I saw lost shells, listened to the small waves and heard people shouting when they swim. They are having a great time like me too. I love days like that… the fresh breeze and all the waves and of course, my happy family with me.


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