Book Report: The Courage of Sarah Noble

Title: The Courage of Sarah Noble

Author: Alice Dalgliesh

Setting: In the forest and in the new settlement in New Milford



1. Sarah Noble, an 8-year old girl

2. John Noble, Sarah’s father

3. Mistress Robinson, a settler in the area

4. The Indian children, new friends of Sarah

5. Tall John, an Indian

6. Sarah’s mother

7. Sarah’s brothers and sisters



Sarah Noble was lying under a tree one night. She, her father and their horse were going to the wilderness. John Noble, her father, bought a piece of land in New Milford which is far away from their own land, and they have to go there so her father can build a house where there family could live.


The darkness was all around her, but through the branches she could see one bright star. She remembered that in the morning her mother told her to keep her courage during the trip with her father. So that night, sleeping under a tree with her father, she began to hear strange sounds. Her father told her they were an owl, a fox and a wolf. And Sarah tried to be brave, remembering what her mother told her about keeping her courage.


They continued to travel in the morning and the next night they went to a settlement. The saw a house that was brown and it looked like home. Her father said that they will be staying there for the night Sarah’s father introduced the family to her. The woman named Mistress Robinsons led them near the fire. Then they invited them to dinner. That night Sarah and her father slept by the fire.


After travelling some more, Sarah, her father and their horse Thomas were already weary. The Indian trail had been narrow; the hills went up and down, up and down. Sarah and her father were tired, but John Noble said that it’s only a mile away. So Sarah became happy and even picked some pink flowers and put some on the ear of Thomas.


John Noble found a cave in the side of a hill, and made a hut for him and Sarah. He said that they will live there until the house is built. Below there was a valley, and there was the Great River. Sarah looked and looked and liked its beauty.


The piece of land was very good, and John Noble would build a home that is big and he would build a fence and shed. While he built the house, Sarah Noble would stay in the cave and guard their place.


When her father and Thomas went she got her Bible and read lots of stories. Sarah would read on and on. And then one day she heard sounds. There was a rustling sound of feet coming quietly nearer and nearer to her. And Sarah saw a bright eye peering at her through a clink in the log fence.


They were INDIANS!


They were crowding to her, but they were young Indians, not any older then she was. Still, there were many of them and Sarah was afraid. But she remembered the words of her mother. So she opened the Bible and read to them. They came nearer and nearer.


The Indian children came back again and again to play with Sarah. She was not afraid of them anymore, and she began to know each one. She liked a brother and a sister better than all the others. They would go together where the wild strawberries grew. And when John Noble would come home with a duck he had shot, or a fish caught in the river, Sarah would cook for him and also give him ripe berries.


Sarah visited their houses, and found out that her father has a friend named Tall John. And Tall John is the father of her friends. They had lots of fun.


Finally, when the house was finished, Sarah’s father need to get their family so they can all live in the new house. Her father told her that Tall John will keep her safe until he comes back. Sarah was sad and was scared, but she kept her courage. She went with Tall John and kissed her father goodbye.


Sarah became friends with the Indian children and played with them every day. She also helped the women when they spread the corn out to dry. Until one day, Sarah found her father has come back. She was so happy to see her family! She left the house of Tall John to stay with her mother and the baby and all her brothers and sisters were in their new house.


Sarah’s mother told her that she had been brave. She had kept her courage in all the things that happened to her and she was growing fast. She gave Sarah that doll that they brought, and Sarah was happy to see the rest of her family finally together.


What was the problem in the story?

Sarah will be away from her home and family and she has to keep her courage in the new land


How was the problem solved?

Sarah tried to be courageous and enjoyed all the new things that is happening to her and learned that to be afraid and to be brave is the best courage of all


How did the story end?

The story ended with their family together again in the new home that Sarah’s father built



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