Hannah montana 2!

I love Hannah Montana! I love Hannah’s CD’s and Soundtracks!:) I am her no.1 fan! She is my favorite pop star, i love songs and TV series in Disney channel. I wish i could see her concert! :D. I love her songs, she is my favorite singer! 😉

Check out her new CD Hannah Montana 2 soundtrack.;)

🙂 I love Hannah Montana!



  1. Jamie said

    sory about the MsN name. i love u

  2. kim said

    my little girl loves hannah montanna so much i made a blanket for her all about her.she the best ever made.

  3. odalis said

    i am big fan

  4. celina mylie song said

    i love you hannah and miley!!!!!!!!!!<3

    i am not your #1 fan but i wish i could be!!!!!!!!LOL.

  5. Kitti said

    I love Hannah Montana!! (L)

  6. Samrin said

    I wish i could meet hannah/miley live…!
    I love her voice
    Lots of love ❤


  7. nadia said

    i luv hannah montana very much. she is truly very cute n beautiful… i m her gr8 fan. she is my favourite. i luv her evry thing of her. she is my favourite tv n pop star…. LUV U MILEY CYRUS FROM ME N MY FRNDZ………

  8. nadia said


  9. nadia said


  10. Amira said

    hi miley

  11. Amira said

    hi hannah

  12. hi everyone

  13. i love miley cyrus

  14. this girl it is so popular and proud i love this girl but are she loves me ???/?

  15. marisabell said

    luv u milley cyrus i wish y eres muy bonita hannah

  16. marisabell said

    luv u milley cyrus i wish eres muy bonita hannah chau besitossssssssssssssss………………………………………..

  17. Rouma said

    I love you very much Hanah Montana and I like your series.And my big dreem is meeting you

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