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New Club Penguin Website!

Hello Penguins!

What a day! The new servers AND the new website launched!

The new servers that launched will help us do some cool things in the game that many of you have been telling us you’d like to see. I can’t say a lot more about it right now, but there will be more info about it soon on the Club Penguin Improvement Project (CPIP).

Check it out to find out more about the website redesign and the new servers. There will be more to get involved with in the coming weeks with CPIP.
Let us know what you think of the new site and what you would like to see added to it.
In other news: There has been so much activity around the new site I almost forgot to mention the new play at the Stage. I really like the ‘special effects’ on this play. As always, let us know what parts you like!


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Club Penguin April Fool’s

It’s that time of year again in Club Penguin! April Fools is just around the corner and the team here has been working non-stop on a party that will be full of all kinds of April Fools silliness! Every year we celebrate April Fools in a different way and this year is no exception. When you show up in Club Penguin between March 28 and April 2 things will be a little strange. Even the newspaper will have a bit of a twist!

I was able to grab a sneak peek of one room from the party. We’ve never done anything like it before in Club Penguin and I’m really excited about it. We would love to hear what all of you think about it!

Until then…waddle on!
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My trip to Club Penguin

One fine morning I was searching for some fun sites in, then in one of the advertisements I saw a sign CLUB PENGUIN!. I quickly clicked it, i saw so many fun things like playing mini games like thin ice, aqua grabber and more. So I made myself an account then i picked my name Autoshape, then picked my penguin color. It was so fun! Then i entered their world, i saw there were so many penguins there some are members. so time past my penguin was growing it was 22 days old yesterday, now 23 days i can’t wait to be 30, so i can be a secret agent.
got to go now! 🙂
have a happy summer every body 🙂

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