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Honor roll

nika with dad

St. Mary’s School placed an honor list in our bulletin board. Last week, when my dad and mom arrived from work, they told me and Gela that we were honors in school. We were so happy when my dad told me i was second and Gela was third.  I was so happy that night!

nika and gela with medals

Dad bought me and my sister a new DVD called The Water Horse.  We loved to watch it! Then we went to the mall to buy our treats and prizes for making good in school. Mom gave Gela Happy Feet sandals and an angel necklace.  For me, my mom gave a Hello Kitty necklace and 2 Spiderwick books (books 4 & 5).  I loved them!

So happy summer vacation everybody!

I am very happy because I am a n honor student in St. Mary’s School!  Here are two of our photos and a short video during the Recognition Day. 🙂


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