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 Away from school, away from homework,

now today we go out and play all day,
as the carolers sing to the Lord high God.

And Christmas is in all of us,

the days pass fast,
we celebrate the day with fire works up high

they burst the sign of happiness in all of the people,
as we celebrate the day of Christmas.

The decors that surround every house,

the light on every christmas tree,
as everybody shouts with joy for the new year.

And we jump for joy as we celebrate a happy new year.

Its fun and joy goes to our hearts

and gives us the spirit of Christmas.



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My blog

Today is the day i got my Blog. It is really fun and nice.

It is where you can publish your feelings and let other people visit.

I like my new Blog. Now I can write and share it with my friends,

family and other people I can share it with.

It is really fun to make a Blog so you can write more and more about yourself.

It’s really fun.

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